Frequently Asked Questions

1. create a stone in the application
2. paint something on a real stone
3. write the 6-digit code (created in step 1) on the back of the real stone together with the address
4. place the real stone in a publicly accessible place
5. place the stone in the application as well

Paint a 6-digit code on a real stone, which is assigned to each created stone, together with the address

Each created stone is assigned a unique 6-digit code. With this code, the stones can be traced precisely. Only with this code will other users be able to Grab it into their inventory, thus ensuring its further journey.

Select the place log. In the text you can write a description of where you placed the stone (e.g., On the bench).
You have 2 options for location targeting:
1. Place the stone at your current position using GPS via the “Current Location” function – recommended
2. “Select on Map” – here you can select any location, just click on the place and confirm at the top right, this function is handy e.g. if you placed a real stone in the field, but you did not have internet available and now you want to place the stone from distance.

If you found a stone and took it with you, use Grab type of log.

Log it as Didn’t find. After the second log of the DNF type, the stone will automatically disappear from the map.

1. Grab – use it if you took the stone
2. Place – use to place the stone
3. Seen – if you only saw the stone, but did not take it, use this type (it is included in your found ones)
4. Didn’t found – use it if you did not find the stone in the field
5. Comment – if you want to write something about the stone

Every stone you log as grab or seen is included as a found. Your own stones do not count, even if you log one stone more than once.

In the inventory you will find a list of all the stones you are currently holding. Only these stones can be placed on the map in the application. Every stone that you log in as Grab will appear in the inventory.

BLUE: Stones placed today.
YELLOW: Your own stones.
RED: Stones that no one found.
GREEN: Other stones.

• Swipe down to refresh new stones.

• Hide the stone so that only players from the app can find it. This will increase the chance that the stone will continue to travel.

We are excited about the development and advancement of this game and application. Gradually, other useful features will be added. We are open to new ideas. If you are missing something in the application today or have other good suggestions, do not hesitate to contact us, either by e-mail at or by contacting us directly using the form via application.